To Give Her Tequila Or Not To Give Her Tequila

Mr. Law School Lawyer, Video 4 Comments

Sam Goldberg is “the original law school vlogger,” according to himself. We’re picking up his story at the end of his 2L year. If you want the backstory, check out the Mr. Law School YouTube feed.

Finals are done! It is summer time and that means hardcore boozing. Chicks’ alcohol tolerances are so low after finals that you have to be careful how much booze you feed them so they dont puke. So count each Patron shot you are so freely jammin’ down your chick’s throat and get ready for the puke party. Catch the crazy finals period which leads to law school partying on this episode of Mr. Law School with Sam E. Goldberg.

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  • Katzenbach

    What is wrong with this guy? He’s really boring. Why does he think he’s so interesting?

  • Guano Dubango

    I would never ply my women with alcohol, even though some claim it gives them an advantage. In my view, as an officer and a gentleman in my country, a woman must want me for me, free of any alcoholic influences. That is why I do not provide alcohol to women prior to asking them to date me.

  • Alma Federer

    This is exactly what I am talking about. This guy is a law student! He thinks he is god’s gift to us just because he is in law school? And he thinks that we women will just lean back and spread our legs because he is pursuing a JD degree? Come on!

    How dumb does he think we women are? Does he really think that women will want men sticking their weenies into us? I for one do NOT want his sweaty body panting on top of me and then him shooting his wad into me. No way.

    This is why I recommend that all women withhold sex from men who will not commit to marry us. Women are smarter than this guy thinks. Let us not let men screw us just because they are in law school. I say Big deal that he is a law student. He is not like the CEO of Facebook.

    I want a man who listens to me, appreciates me, and will do things for me the way I would do things for them. I refuse from this point forward to let men just have sex with me. I do not want any man humping and grunting on me, even if he has a JD. Maybe if I would treat the CEO of Facebook differently, but I don’t know.

  • Allison

    Hmmm. Sweaty, nerdy guys too afraid to ask women out, nervously standing about, and the guys with the tequilia? Wow, that’s a hard one! After long finals with no alcohol, no sex and before i head off to my summer job, its the tequlia I want. Old crones like Alma can boycott the parties which leaves more tequlia for me!

    When i start to practice full time, spinsters like Alma leave more fun for me. Alma can wear her drab clothing, drive her sensible and boring car and give sex only to some sex-starved nebbish who is so grateful for sex he’ll marry her. By the time she’s 40, she’ll have passed up a lifetime. From the sound of her, she’s half way there. She probably has already cut her hair short. Not me.

    Guano: “candy is dandy but liquor is quicker.”