Top 20 Bitter Lawyer Posts of 2012

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The year is drawing to a close so it’s time to look back at 2012. Below are the top 20 posts for 2012 as determined by number of views by our Bitter readers. They include posts that were published in 2012, as well as prior years.

20. How to Tell You’re an Unacceptable Attention-Whore Based on Your Facebook Habits

19. Five Godawful YouTube Video Depositions

18. I Need a Legal Writing Sample for a Law Firm Job

17. Responding to a Form Cover Letter

16. Porn for Lawyers

15. Five Child Stars Turned Lawyers

14. Five Things New Lawyers Actually Do

13. What Women Wear to Court

12. 10 Funny Judicial Quotes

11. Will You Pass or Fail the Bar Exam?

10. 10 Signs You Are Dressed Unprofessionally

9. Five Types of Law Firm Partners

8. Eight Ways to Not Get Caught

7. 10 Law School Couples, Annotated

6. Interview with Jeff Cohen: Chunk from Goonies, Now an Entertainment Lawyer

5. 11 Famous Law School Dropouts

4. Do Guys Actually Reject Girls Because They’re Intimidated by Them?

3. Why I Deleted My Facebook Account

2. The Ten Students You Will Meet in Law School

1. Oops. We forgot to mention that we’re not going to announce numero uno until next week. So sorry.

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