Top 5 Doodads for a New Lawyer’s Bucket List

C. Hank Peters Big Legal Brain, Lawyer 2 Comments

I get a lot of questions faxed to me about what a new lawyer should accomplish in his or her first few years of practice. With hordes of new law school graduates striking out to be lawyers and retail specialists, it’s a good question. And it may surprise you that the answers are fairly simple. Like these.

Create a Viral Internet Meme

What’s a meme? Where did you go to law school, Yale? Every new lawyer should strive to create a viral online do-hicky, otherwise known as a meme and sometimes informally known as “empty pixels in a bottle.” Who cares if you resolve a complex patent infringement case? Unless, of course, you are able to create a funny and viral Pinterest or Instagram image from it. Or at least craft a viral reply to a cease & desist demand letter. Remember, as a new lawyer, followers count. Clients, not as much.

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