Top Posts of the Past Week (August 4, 2012)

Each Saturday we reach into the fridge and pull out the best leftovers. That is, we snarf down the most-read posts of the past week, which for the work week ending August 3, 2012, include:

  1. 11 Ways Law School is Just Like High School
  2. Law School Isn’t What Sucks About Law School
  3. The Bar Exam: Before and After
  4. Bitter Vault: Dreaming About Quitting the Law Firm
  5. Misery Loves Company

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  • Frank

    These posts stink. Get more Bottom RUNG where that guy Dave finally gets at least a BJ from Paige. She’s no angel, having been f***cked by drummers so she should have no problem fitting Dave’s anxiou’s pecker anywhere he wants. Give that poor schnook a break, but tell him to watch out for her sharp yellow teeth.

    • Guano Dubango

      You should be more respectful to Paige. If she leaves, all we have left are water buffalo.

      • Frank

        Fine. But maybe they can get don draper’s wife from mad men to be a guest and sing zou bizou bizou for Dave. That would help him to get his pecker pointing in the right direction .