Top Posts of the Past Week (September 15, 2012)

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Pizza is always a safe leftover. Even cold. Especially cold. We have a lot of pizza for you. Here are the best leftovers from last week, i.e., the most-read posts published during the work week ending on September 14, 2012. Let the reheating commence — or just serve it up cold:

  1. 8 Things I Learned From Failing the Bar
  2. Addendum to 10 Funny Judicial Quotes
  3. The “I Know It When I See It” Standard, Set in Comic Sans
  4. Bitter Vault: Eight Interview Don’ts
  5. 4 Ways to Screw Up a Law Blog Post

Day-Old-Snack/Honorable Mention: Biography of a Child Law Prodigy

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