Nick Thompson: Toughest Law Student Ever

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In the past few weeks, recent law grad Nick Thompson has “eaten ‘chicken, brown rice and spinach to the point of nausea,’…doesn’t see his friends, rarely spends time with his family and never goes out on weekends.” In other words, he’s no different than most students prepping for bar exams taking place around the country this week.  Except for one small detail: three days before he sits for the exam, he’ll be beating the crap out of someone in the mixed martial arts “EliteXC: Unfinished Business” welterweight championships in Stockton, California.

Thompson, a professional mixed martial arts fighter who graduated from the University of Minnesota law school in the Spring of 2008, has spent the last few months alternately studying for the bar and engaging in “insane ‘caveman workouts’” that have left other fighters, like his trainer, former UFC lightweight champion, Sean “Muscle Shark” Sherk, “growling and gnashing his teeth like a feral beast.”

Regardless of whether Thompson brings home the championship belt this week, he “hopes to one day practice in the field of contract or tax law.” [Ed. note: Normally, at this point, we wouldn’t be able to resist commenting a bit about a guy who cage fights by day with a man who calls himself “Muscle Shark” and yet also wants to be a tax attorney, but to be perfectly honest, we’re afraid of the guy. Sorry.] [Sherdog]

Photos by Dave Mandel

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  • jimmy k

    can you imagine having him work for you?  what do you do if his brief sucks?

  • brendan

    not a damn thing.

  • Chris

    I do believe it is mixed Martial arts.