Under New Management (And We're Hiring)

Bitter Lawyer is under new management. Attorneys Erick Rigby and Josh Camson of CamsonRigby, LLC took over the site on May 1. It was a relatively peaceful transition. The former editor acquiesced to all demands and left after minimal bloodshed.

But who are these new folks? Will they be as charming and witty as they tell people in their online dating profiles? Or are they criminal defense attorneys who never made it as professional comedians and will now force you to enjoy their references to Arrested Development and obscure 20th century physicists when all you want to do is respond to the latest Caption This?

Erick is a 6’3 hockey-player-turned-law-firm partner. Originally from upstate New York, he followed a girl to the suburbs of Pittsburgh. When that didn’t work out, he was left with a small but up and coming law firm, recently called “The Most Fit Law Firm in Washington, PA” by a unanimous vote of its partners. Growing up in the snowy tundra of New York, Erick often spent hours alone in the snow, curled in his former pet tauntaun’s skin, keeping himself warm with the laughter from his own wit.

Josh is a long-time Lawyerist contributor. More importantly, as a former fat person he has honed his wit the way a hummingbird choreographs a mid-air dance (look it up). Known for his ridiculous outfits and offensive bow-ties, he has been told by a seven year old client that he “looks like a clown.” Due to his quantity over quality style of dating, he has numerous enemies in the Pittsburgh community. To relate to his clients and avoid enemies, he often uses burn phones, from which he sends hilarious text messages.

The new team is looking for contributors. Bitter Lawyer will actually pay you to be funny. If you’re not funny and waste our time, we will send you a bill. For more information or to pitch an idea, just send an e-mail to An intern or a volunteer-unemployed-law-student will read all e-mails.

  • Frank

    Good luck dudes! But make sure to have a couple of broads on staff, if not only for their viewpoints, but for balance and boobs. The videos are good. Living’ the dream!