Dislawyering Conference 2014: Call for Submissions

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dislawyering-conferenceWe are finalizing details on Bitter Lawyer’s 2014 Dislawyering Conference, with this year’s theme “Rise of the Hobbyist Lawyer.” The conference promises to attract all the leading law bloggers and to disrupt the legal profession through hard-hitting conference seminars that will also mention paradigms, trolls, and agents of change. In fact, if you mention “paradigm” or “agent of change,” a little “droplet bell” goes off in your ear and your name is broadcast on the Duplovision screen at the conference. We hope to ring in a great new conference for years to come.

Though we understand our Dislawyering Conference coincides with Above the Law’s Attorney@blog conference, we knew that all the leading law bloggers would prefer a Dislawyering Conference that has a more lawyer-focused participant track like ours. Here are samples from each of our four tracks. We also welcome your own submissions for consideration.

The Hobbyist Lawyer Track

Rise of the Hobbyist Lawyer. The coming year will be a breakout year for hobbyist lawyers, those who maintain law licenses but spend most of their time on non-revenue producing law-related activities, including blawging, commenting on blawgs, and implementing cost-saving technologies. With nearly 20 percent of lawyers today considering themselves “hobbyist” lawyers, what does it mean for the future of the legal profession? How can you ease into being a hobbyist lawyer, and what are best practices and ethical issues? Plus, where does Etsy fit in? We’ll also answer the question: hobby or dabble—which is better?

I Has Blawg Track

TMZ Your Blawg: The Basics. How to search for, find, and use titillating content on your blawg that is only loosely-related to the law and legal profession, all while surreptitiously building a more serious blawg readership. It’s TMZ meets WSJ meets LOLCats, and the end result is awesome traffic. Hear from some of the leading titillating blawgers out there, a few of them ABA Blawg 100 award-winning readers. Includes bonus separate breakout session with attorney Harvey Levin of TMZ, who will talk about the TMZ social media strategy for building a massive audience using Skype and the New York Post.

Sex, Drugs & Mobile Track

Augmented Reality Lawyering. Augmented reality, a concept formerly called LSD, will be another breakout development this year. But what does it mean for lawyers? It means that, with an iPhone and a little bit of duct-tape on your bike helmet, you get real-time information fed back to a computer screen—information that “augments” your view of your immediate surroundings. Depositions won’t be tedious anymore—they’ll be fun, full of great augmented facts like “yes, the deponent was a baton twirler in high school (with a picture)” or “the court reporter declared personal bankruptcy in 2010.” Think of it as VH1’s Pop-Up Video meets WestLaw PeopleMap. First 100 attendees to receive a bike helmet for use in mounting smartphones with duct-tape. Session sponsored by GoPro and Schpoonkle, and includes how to install a GoPro discreetly on your favorite courtroom helmet.

Legal Writing for Viral Impact Track

So, You Got a C&D Letter. Awesome! One of coolest and hottest legal trends in the last few years is overly indulgent cease and desist letters, typically from a massive law firm threatening legal action if you use the word “candy” or “Starbucks” in one of your products or even in passing conversation. What’s the best response: humor, snark, or both? And what elements should you include to assure that your reply to the C&D letter goes viral? Should you ghost-write the letter and let your client hand-write the actual response on a beer coaster? What’s the best way to mock opposing counsel? Features a guest appearance from Jeff Britton of Epic 6 Brewery, along with samples of the brewery’s new Mr. Bucks’ F Word Pale Ale.

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