Valentine's Day Bitter Vault: Top ♥ Posts

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It’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air. The problem for lawyers, however, is that the vast majority of us are . . . well, lawyers. And that means we are cold, analytical, robotic, zombies. So, Bitter Lawyer is here to assist. Here are our top three Valentine’s Day posts. In fact, these are the only Valentine’s Day posts on Bitter Lawyer. Three. Only three. This confirms the prior point about lawyers being heartless zombies and such.

Pursuant to the foregoing, you shall feel the love:

  1. The Do’s and Don’ts on Valentine’s Day Gifts for Lawyers
  2. Wafflicious Valentine’s Day Tips from a Divorce Lawyer
  3. Valentine S.O.S.

Bonus: Ten Law School Couples, Annotated

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  • Laura G

    I love bittersweet chocolate, and so does my boyfriend. So we take off all our clothes, and then play hide and seek with the little blue dove chocolate pieces, by hiding them in romantic places in our bodies.

    The trick is that you can NOT use your hands in trying to find them. My boyfriend knows exactly where I like him to find the pieces I hide, and when he finds them, he typically does not even stop to take off the wrapper b/c we have a very private time doing other things once he takes them out!

    Talk about BITTER LAWYER’s! This is the ultimate, but I only let him do this once a week because it takes about 15 minutes to get the chocolate out before he can have sex. Ptooey!