Want Final Exam Tips? We Outsource that Sh#t

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It’s the beginning of the winter harvest in law school, otherwise known as first semester final exams. It’s that time of the year where, to paraphrase Anne Lamott, you truly become the piece of shit the world revolves around. And if you’ve come to Bitter Lawyer for advice on how to do well at final exams, well, know one thing: we outsource all of it. To our parental unit known as Lawyerist.

Not that we haven’t had our own tips and advice floating around the last few years, including Ex-Bitter’s typically pithy advice to a first-year student freaked out about finals. The money line? “Studying last year’s essay questions is way more important than joining some lame, self-important study group where everyone’s trying to impress each other.” Yes, and stay away from the “self-proclaimed legal geniuses.” And no drinking while studying. Huh?

If you want less bitter advice about final exams, check out what Lawyerist has to offer.

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  • Ellen

    When I was in LAW school, no one told me about how to study for FINAL exam’s. So I just did what I did in College, but I did NOT do well my first year. Then I met a guy (3rd year), who helped me how to study, even tho he was more interested in studying ME then studying the Uniform Commerceial Code. I did much better then 1st year’s and eventuelly got a internship at the student law bookstore. It helped me get my job now, so I did not mind him kissing me in my dorm room.