Wanted: Funny Person to Edit Legal Humor Blog

Bitter Lawyer ( is seeking an editor in chief with vision and a great sense of humor.

POSITION FILLED on April 11, 2013.

About Bitter Lawyer

About 40,000 people visit Bitter Lawyer every month for its essays, interviews, lists, videos, comics, and more. Despite its name, Bitter Lawyer is not just for disaffected lawyers; it is home to some of the best legal humor on the Internet. In addition to the daily columns, comics, lists, and news posts, Bitter Lawyer’s rich archive includes two original web series (“Living the Dream” and “The Bottom Rung”) and over 50 interviews with lawyers-turned-celebrities.

(Bitter Lawyer is owned by Lawyerist Media, LLC, which also publishes, a law practice blog.)


Since Bitter Lawyer is a humor website, you must either (1) be funny or (2) know funny when you see it. Or both, preferably. In addition, you must have excellent written communication skills. You will be responsible for some writing and a fair amount of editing the posts of other contributors. You should have a passing familiarity with HTML, or the will to learn (if you know how to create a link using HTML, you will be fine).

Experience creating and editing images, video, and audio is a (big) plus.

Above all, you must have a vision for Bitter Lawyer. We want to know what you think Bitter Lawyer ought to be, and we want to see your plan for making that happen.

Law degree optional. If you have the skills, vision, and drive, we don’t really care whether you are a lawyer.


This is a part-time job. We anticipate your editorial duties will take up about 10–15 hours per week.

The editor provides the vision and leadership for a publication, and your #1 responsibility will be the quality and quantity of content published on Bitter Lawyer. That means finding and managing contributors, suggesting material, giving feedback, and preparing and publishing 2–3 posts per day on Bitter Lawyer.

Strictly speaking, you do not have to create content for Bitter Lawyer yourself, although we would prefer an editor who can generate content as well as bring on talent. However you do it, we want to see a minimum of 2 posts per day, to start with. You can come up with them yourself, or you can hire writers, actors, comedians, filmmakers, etc., to create them.

Once posts go up, you will also be responsible for promoting them, primarily on social media, and monitoring their performance. Traffic is only one metric by which we measure performance, but you will be responsible for meeting traffic goals that we set in consultation with you.

Your responsibilities will probably vary a bit depending on the vision we adopt for the site, and the plan we come up with to implement it.


Starting pay will be $750 per month, plus additional compensation for the original content you publish on Bitter Lawyer (you will be paid the same as our other contributors, based on the performance of your posts).

Or, pitch us on your idea for sharing the profits.

How to apply

To apply, please email us your resume (PDF format preferred) and a short email outlining your vision and your plan for implementing your vision. Note that we don’t care about stuff like where you went to law school. We care about stuff like your vision, your creative background, your ability to write, and your ability to manage.

Send applications to

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    bitter is sweet because going to law school as a repeating 1L is better than working for anyone, including me. guage my enthusiasm: i’m over 55 with an MFA, publish short stories aimed at postmodern feminist lawyers, and edit ugly writing lawyers put in appellate briefs.