We Just Hope It Wasn’t a Water Bra

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A 26-year-old Arizona man was arrested this week on suspicion of criminal damage after he tore up his wife’s new bra during an argument involving his visiting in-laws. According to police reports, Salazar called the police to his home to settle a verbal dispute with his wife’s family about the fact that he wanted them to leave and his wife didn’t. After the police arrived, however, Salazar promptly “announced he was angry, went upstairs and tore up his wife’s new bra valued at $28.” He then apparently called his wife upstairs to show her the bra in pieces.

Attempts to reach Mrs. Salazar for comment were unsuccessful, although anonymous sources have confirmed that she now totally suspects that it was Carlos, and not, as he had originally claimed, “the dog,” who chewed off the “Ju,” “o” and “e” from the ass panel her favorite Juicy Couture velour tracksuit the last time her parents were in town. [Arizona Republic]

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  • Al Dickman

    What was the charge for arresting this guy?  Promoting loose boobs on his wife?  Is that a crime?  I don’t get it.  The guy may be a douchebag, but where is the public harm?

  • Snively Whiplash

    This is assn9