Joe Francis: Wet, Hot Justice

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If you can depend on Joe Francis to stand up for one thing, it’s justice. The founder of the always dependable “Girls Gone Wild” empire, is now demanding that a court rescind the settlement agreement he entered into last year with the families of four underage girls whom he filmed performing sex acts back in 2003. In his suit, Francis claims he “settled only because a federal judge bullied him into it by jailing him for contempt of court when settlement talks weren’t going well.”

Francis, who brings home an estimated $29 million a year from his soft-core porn empire, has reached out to supporters on his website to write letters to Congress on his behalf and seek the judge’s impeachment. Why? “This fight is way bigger than me,” he explained. “If this stands, this single-handedly undermines the entire civil judicial process in this country,” he continued, noting that his “actions are intended to protect average citizens.”

Well, of course they are. This is Joe Francis we’re talking about.  The guy who brought us Bubba Sparxxx’ XXX Tour and Sex Starved College Girls.  If we can’t count on him to look out for the average citizen, who can we count on? [AmLaw Daily and CNN]

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  • Baby Litigator

    Francis has better uses of his time at the moment. Like preparing for that little criminal tax evasion trial on Sept. 16 in Los Angeles.
    Lose that, I don’t think you’ll be much concerned about the settlement.