What a Dick

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Early Wednesday morning, comedian Andy Dick was arrested for sexual battery and possession of controlled substances, after approaching a teenager outside the Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar in Murrieta, California and pulling off the teen’s shirt.

It came as no surprise to police investigating the case that Dick appeared to be “extremely intoxicated” and had a pocket full of Xanax and weed. Nor were they shocked to learn that prior to the teen grope, in keeping with his past precedent of whipping out his rope for public consumption whenever possible, Dick was “urinating outside the bar and causing a disturbance.” They weren’t even thrown to hear that just before their arrival, Dick had topped off this A-List night out with a quick ride in a truck and a stop at a nearby Sam’s Club. Sources with the Murrieta Police Department have confirmed, in fact, that the only facet of the entire sordid situation that investigators have found shocking is that the teenager in question was…a girl.  [HuffPost]

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  • Colleen

    Why in all of the coverage for this arrest has it not been discussed that this occured at Buffalo Wild Wings Grill &Bar;???  Really?  I mean…not that Andy Dick is ‘A’ list, but would think he could do better than a chain restaurant serving everyone’s favorite bar food app.

  • rick

    very good point.

  • Rayko

    Weird… wasn’t that an episode of News Radio?