What Does Your Boss Think About Your Exercise of Choice?

We all need to exercise, according to Dr. Oz and other doctors. Your sport of choice can send a message about who you are to the higher ups. What is that message? Listen carefully to your boss’s response:


“What’s your handicap? Come join me at the club on Saturday! I will be speaking to a new client.”


“Well, isn’t that fun? I suppose you like to party – cool dude?”


“What a remarkable accomplishment. So . . . how often will you be traveling on weekends for these excursions?”


“How peaceful. Is that one of those sports for women?”

Fighting/Boxing/Karate/Muay Thai/Etc.

“You have the heart of a litigator!”

Club Basketball/Soccer/Softball/Flag Football

“You’re a team player, and I’m glad to have you on my team. Also, it goes without saying that your work comes before these games.”


“I hear that is really good for you.”

Lifting Weights

“Ooooooo, strong man!” [I don’t know, I’ve never actually seen a meat-head lawyer.]


“I used to row when I was at Cambridge! Come by the house for tea and crumpets sometime!”

Post image courtesy of Shutterstock.

  • Laura

    I like Zumba, and now that it is infamous in Maine because of the woman who used Zumba lessons as a pretext for giving men oral sex, my boss has now become fixated on my Zumba, thinking that somehow if he gets interested I will give him oral sex. I do not get the connection, but he evidently links a woman who does Zumba with giving men oral sex. I have never even hinted at oral sex, with my boyfriend or anyone else. I think my boss’ wife does not do it, so he is looking to me to be a surrogate. Is he nuts or am I for thinking this?

    • Frank C.

      Dont worry about it. Its only a BJ. At least your boss is not interested in real sex with you!

  • Flame Princess

    How the hell does this not include CrossFit? Most of the CrossFit lawyers I know are as obsessive and competitive about their WOD times as they were about their class rank back in school.