Shakespear Feyissa: What’s in a Name?

Internet fame isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be. Just ask Seattle attorney Shakespear Feyissa, whose college paper’s online edition published allegations of his suspension for alleged attempted sexual assault back when he was a student at Seattle Pacific University in 1998. Now, as reports tearing through the legal blogosphere are explaining, the online story has been cached in Google and “easily uncovered for anyone who searches his name.”

Feyissa is now trying to convince his alma mater to remove the article from the paper’s online archives, explaining that “with that popping up every time someone searches his name, [he] cannot escape the shadow of the accusation of attempted sexual assault, even though Seattle police closed the investigation and he was never charged.” The paper’s current student editors aren’t budging, but Feyissa isn’t backing down, explaining that he’s haunted by “what people will think of him” after reading this article. “Do you know how many girls, after they see that, we go on a date and they don’t want to see me again?” he asked.

When reached for comment, girls across Seattle have gingerly pointed out to Feyissa that while finding out a potential boyfriend has an Internet rep as an accused sexual attacker is indeed never a plus, it nonetheless pales in comparison to realizing you’re dating a guy named Shakespear[Overlawyered and Seattle Times]