Where's Waldo? (When Ferrets Go Wild)

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Another woman missed her court date this week.  According to Action News 41 in Independence, MO Carrie Waldo did not show up to her court appointment for child endangerment charges last Monday.  This is not news in and of itself. Many bad mothers and fathers miss such dates.  It is part of what makes them such bad parents. Although there is speculation, it has not been confirmed that she is related to the world famous striped shirt wearing children’s book character.  So why does anyone care that this lady didn’t show up?

This is really a lesson in parenting from which we can all learn.  In January 2013 Ryan and Carrie Waldo were brought up on Child Endangerment charges after, according to their claim, awaking in the middle of the night to their 4-month-old baby boy being eaten by a ferret.  The couple, previously unaware that ferrets and babies don’t mix, found their furry pet attacking the infant boy.

Now this wasn’t just playtime gone wrong.  The report states, “The ferret chewed off most of the baby’s fingers.”  For those keeping score at home, that is more than five.  I am no expert on ferrets, but it doesn’t take a genius, or even a good parent to realize that an aggressive animal is not an acceptable replacement for a teddy bear. Don’t worry though, after the damage was done Ryan Waldo, the father killed the animal.

The report dispels any potential thought that this was just an accident, or something that couldn’t have been expected.  The ferret had already bitten the 4 month old child twice before. Also, contrary to the reports of the parents, they weren’t actually home. Apparently, the ferret must have been babysitting.

As you may know from my previous post, I am not very experienced in the parenting department, but this seems pretty simple.  Don’t leave your 4 month old child alone for long periods of time.  If this first piece of advice is too much to handle just remember that a dangerous animal is not an acceptable replacement for a babysitter.  Oh and whatever you do, please make it to your court date… that is just tacky.

(photo: Ferret stands on its hind legs on a white background via Shutterstock)

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