Why I Am Not a Criminal Defense Attorney, Part 2

Doug Stephan Lawyer, News & Views

Last time we visited TIWIANACDA (acronym in progress), Lamarcus Williamson punched his attorney Dan Hall in the mouth because, well, he didn’t like the plead deal that he agreed to. This time we have an alleged murdered, Jerome Power of Grand Rapids, Iowa.

Power, 50, is accused of strangling his neighbor in her home two years ago. During Prosecutor Jerry Vander Sanden’s closing argument Power became very agitated. Let’s see what happens when an agitated (alleged) murder becomes upset at his attorney during closing arguments: ahh . . . the classic water-on-the-head move. Power’s attorney, Steve Addington, looks like a puppy who got into the trash. Pure sadness. Probably tried for hours to convince his client to accept a plea deal. Now he has to be Atticus Finch and save his client from life without parole and the only thanks he gets is a baptism of Aquafina. At least Power didn’t say anything that could hurt his chances. Oh wait… he screamed, “It should have been a mistrial. You sold me out.” It also probably doesn’t help that the jury was still in the room and just about to walk into the deliberation room. Awkward city. Nothing like showing you are a level headed civilized member of society by showering your attorney because you are mad at him.

 Post image via KCRG Channel 9.

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