• Guano Dubango

    So true. If only I could find an ATTRACTIVE female lawyer to date and mate with!!!! I am convinced they do not exist. Since I am a man of means, I will NOT settle for a water buffalo, even if she has a JD.

  • southern bitter

    translation???? all i got out of that was TTT.

  • Eurotrash

    ….Translation: “M&A” means mergers & acquisitions… and “AAAAaaaaaaaa” is a very, very high credit rating at Standard & Poor’s. It has only been issued once during the Dutch Tulip Mania of 1637.

  • stephen jacobs

    Ha, ha. People in law school know jargon, acronyms and how to make themselves feel important.

  • Oxygen162

    @Eurotrash…nicely done. I gave your A+ translation a golf-clap and here I was thinking the Tulip Mania was an obscure piece of economic history.