Wisdom Teeth Impacted (My Career)

I just got my wisdom teeth out, was still in lots of pain, popping vicodin, but like a neurotic pussy, I came to work anyway.  My plan was to check in, clean up a few loose ends, then get the hell out of there and go to bed.  Until Paul M., the world’s lamest partner, walked into my office and “asked” me to go to the printer and review a document.  I quickly explained my medical plight, but he didn’t give a shit. “If you’re in that much pain, why aren’t you in bed?” So I popped a few more vicodin and went to the goddamn printer to proof the stupid S-3.  I was there until 4 a.m.  The next day, instead of giving me a thank you, he said I missed two major typos and “need to commit myself to the firm or get the hell out.”

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  • Jim in L.A.

    Sounds like someone desperately needs his Benz keyed.

  • endJD2008

    You should have just stayed home.  Generally, whenever you go out of your way to do right, somebody takes it as a sign of weakness.

  • Anon

    Sounds like you should get the hell out.

  • YrNextBestAsst

    I learned at the ripe old age of 19, years ago, that “work will go on with or without you” and “frankly, it doesnt give a damn” either way Oh, lawyers feel the same way.

  • Al Dickman

    The guy was a prick, but you shouldn’t have gone in if you didn’t expect to be tagged with some scut work.  Remember, unless you look like Charlize Thereon, no one is going to care if you have tooth problems.  They need the work done and you’re there not for your looks, but for the work you are supposed to be doing.  So yeah, we don’t like the partner either, but suck it up and take it as long as you work for this dick.