Work That Yorkie While You Still Can, Fellas

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The international media has recently reported that religious police in Saudi Arabia have imposed a ban on the sale of cats and dogs, as well as on the act of walking them in public, because of their apparent panty-melting effect on the ladies of Saudi Arabia.  Othman al-Othman, head of the so-called Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice in Riyadh explained that the police were enforcing the ban in order to put an end to “the rising phenomenon of men using cats and dogs to make passes at women and pester families.”

When reached for comment, sources inside the Commission were unable to confirm whether the proposed bans on the use of flattering lighting and other people’s babies in public parks will be also put into effect any time soon. [AP via Yahoo News]

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    even shih tzus??  say it ain’t so!!