Donald Trump: Wrong Client to Piss Off

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Donald Trump really isn’t happy with his lawyers. Well, former lawyers. Reports are pouring in that the mogul has filed a $5 million suit against the Morrison Cohen law firm for repeatedly mentioning his name on its website and dropping his name in press interviews. Trump is claiming that the lawyers, “without [his] written consent, have used—really commercially exploited—[his] name and reputation, and continue to do so, on Morrison Cohen’s website.”

While the law firm has countered that Trump is “merely trying to avoid paying $600,000 in overdue legal fees,” the Donald has explained that his gripe with the firm has more to do with the lawyers’ alleged ineptitude than his alleged greed: “They put my name up all over their ads like I’m in love with them, and I really don’t like them. If it was somebody I was happy with, that would be one thing, but I’m not happy with them.”

While we certainly don’t claim to be experts in the business of law firm advertising, we are fairly familiar with one of the primary tenets of How Not to Get Sued 101: Don’t use your clients’ names to promote your crap without asking them if it’s cool. You don’t even need a law degree to figure that one out. No wonder Trump didn’t like them. [ABA Journal and NY Post]

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