Yet Another Reason to Avoid Sorority Girls

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Federal authorities investigating the recent suicide of Bruce Ivins, the former Army scientist thought to be responsible for several deaths related to anthrax poisonings in the weeks following 9/11, have discovered a particular and decades-long obsession of Ivins, which may shed some light on the pending investigation.

The apparent object of the mad scientist’s intense obsession? The inner lives of famous serial killers? Nope. Obscure German fetish porn? No, the actual obsession was far more sinister: Kappa Kappa Gamma, a sorority with chapters at colleges across the United States—including one in Princeton, New Jersey, about 100 yards from the mailbox where Ivins is believed to have mailed deadly anthrax-laced letters to unsuspecting victims. This, according to U.S. officials, “could explain one of the biggest mysteries in the case: why the anthrax was mailed from Princeton, New Jersey, 195 miles from the lab it’s believed to have been smuggled from.”

It’s unclear why exactly Ivins harbored the obsession with this particular branch of lady Greeks, but authorities have explained that he “was obsessed with Kappa Kappa Gamma, going back as far as his own college days at the University of Cincinnati when he apparently was rebuffed by a woman in the sorority.”

There you have it. After millions of dollars and years of investigation, the motivation for Ivins’s becoming a homicidal lunatic driven to terrorize innocent victims turns out to be pretty simple—and pretty shared by creepy, obsessive social deviants the world over: being blown off by some sorority girl back in college. Go know.  [AP via Yahoo News]

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    I think the fact the ole’ Bruce got denied by a chick wasn’t the main problem. The main problem here is that the chick was at the U of Cincinnati. Anymone ever been to Cincinnati? I have..It’s the weakest sauce you can imagine….ugh