You Don't Speak for Anyone Here Except Yourself, F*ckface

Chris Carlson Lawyer, Video Leave a Comment

“The only thing worse than a guy who knows how to get around the law? A guy who knows just enough to game the system but who isn’t quite smart enough not to get caught.”

Bitter Lawyer and NarrativePros present an exclusive video series. It’s based on GMAC Bank v. HTFC Corp., where the court sanctioned an attorney and his client $29,322.61 for conduct in a 12-hour deposition in which the CEO for HTFC used the “F” word 73 times.

Earn CLE credit (in New York, California, and Minnesota) by watching the full version—complete with expert commentary—on Use coupon code “BITTERLAWYER” for a ten percent discount off the costs of the course.

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