You Get What You Pay For

Negotiation skills come less readily to some, as reports out of Florida are confirming. Police in Bonita Springs have reported that a man, Fausino Diaz Hernandez, 46, was arrested last week after offering a female undercover cop who was posing as a prostitute two pennies for sex.

Lest you think Hernandez wasn’t willing to let her go without a fight, a spokesperson for the police has added that he “offered the undercover deputy other things as well, including cigarette lighters and a bicycle.” We know what you’re thinking—what hooker doesn’t love a free bicycle?—but the tactic apparently backfired and Hernandez was arrested, along with 10 other men, in the undercover sting.

Now, before you judge ol’ Fausino’s bargaining abilities, you have to admit: It takes someone special to make this guy look like a high roller. That’s gotta count for at least a little something.  []