Phil Spector: You Know It’s Time to Call a Headhunter

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The D.A. prosecuting Phil Spector has found yet another woman who wants to testify that the famed producer threatened her life, according to a new motion that sets out facts similar to those alleged in the 2003 shooting death of actress Lana Clarkson.

The new woman, Norma Kemper, was working as Spector’s assistant in 1996 when he took her out to dinner one night at a swank joint in West Hollywood, got drunk, made a pass at her, and when she rebuffed him, did what any impish, rejected flirt would do: he showed her a holstered gun under his jacket and said “You know I could kill you right now.” At which point she thought it best to finish her dinner and accompany him to the House of Blues for a nightcap. Oh, and to continue to work for him for four years.

After examining this new facet of the Spector case from evidentiary, philosophical, and normative perspectives, legal analysts have consistently reached the same conclusion: the point at which your boss pulls out a gun at dinner and tells you he could kill you right now is the point at which you not only abandon your caesar salad and squeeze yourself out the bathroom window, but also when you get in touch with your local employment office. You do not, repeat, do not continue to work for him for the next four minutes, no less four years. There are maybe only two or three blazingly obvious times in your career when it’s time to move on to a new job. This is one of them.  [CNN]

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    I’m personally a huge fan of carrying a holstered weapon while eating. i mean who wouldn’t tell their date that they can “Kill them right now”…i like to call that …”The Icebreaker”


    I also love to carry around chrome ninja throwing stars…but wait till waaay later in the evening to bust those bad boys out

  • Mr. Spector

    The only thing better than telling your date that you could kill her is when you actually do kill her – especially true if the lady works for you.  However, this is usually followed by the worst part of the date – finding a suitable location to stash the body.  I’m personally running out of good locations, can anyone give me some recommendations?
    P.S. I’m getting so tired of styling my hair…

  • Shopping and Info

    Love this – too funny

  • Al Dickman

    Look at the hair on this dick!